Photography by: G F Williams



Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits week in and week out?

You have a feeling there are some great clothing combinations to be found in your wardrobe but somehow they elude you.

It’s a common problem and that’s why a fresh pair of expert eyes can work wonders.

Elimination and renewal

I’ll come to your home and work with you to discover as many brand new outfits you can wear using the clothes you already have. We’ll discard the unflattering, eliminate the drab and highlight the pieces which can be reborn.

At the end of our session you’ll have multiple variations of new exciting outfits that celebrate and accentuate your body and personality.

If you love it, wear it

Tired of being told you can’t wear this or that because of your body shape? So am I! That’s why I’ll also teach you some great ways you can modify and overcome prevalent fashion no-nos.

It’s my aim to help you develop your own individual style that suits you and no one else. When I leave, you’ll be inspired, excited and full of ideas on how to add to your collection to make your wardrobe complete.

Personalised wardrobe experience

Just before the wardrobe session I’ll spend some time getting to know you. Your personality, lifestyle and body type will be explored so I can get an accurate insight into creating styles that best suit you.

You might be surprised just how many items of clothing in your wardrobe can be combined with other pieces to create dozens of great new outfits. Even if you think your wardrobe is small.

Throughout the wardrobe session I’ll take digital photos of the new outfits I create so you’ll have them on record. We’ll also make new clothing combinations for a variety of different occasions including work, gym, evening, and weekend.

Once this has been achieved I’ll then advise you on where to shop for new additions that’ll compliment your new individual style.

Alternatively, you can go shopping with me by taking advantage of my shopping day service.

To find out more about this service or to book a session call me today!


£120 (2 hours)

£180 (3 hours)

£240 (4 hours)