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Do you remember the last time you left the house and said to yourself “Wow, I look good!”?

It’s a beautiful experience to feel truly great about what you wear. You’re happier, your thoughts are more positive and confidence sweeps through your day’s activities.

I’m Louise Lace and as a Norwich-based fashion stylist it’s my desire to get you feeling and looking effortlessly stylish. From a one-off shopping trip to a complete wardrobe and style transformation programme I’ll have you beaming with confidence about what you’re wearing in no time at all.

My particular focus is helping women over 30 develop styles that make them feel younger, trendy and altogether more in touch with their personalities. Conventional I’m certainly not. I believe fashions are there to be admired but ultimately to be modified into styles which best suit you as an individual.

Fashion Industry Experience

With over 15 years’ experience in the fashion industry it’s fair to say I bring a lot of expertise to my client meetings. I am also the co-founder of Norwich Fashion Week, a successful yearly event showcasing the diversity of fashion in this beautiful historic cathedral city.

As an experienced editorial photographic stylist and catwalk stylist, I have worked with some of Norfolk’s finest photographers, magazines and local fashion stores.

Together we’ve produced and created numerous catwalk events including ‘The Retailers Show’ for Norwich Fashion Week.

During this time I’ve collaborated with 12 independent and high street stores around Norwich, local hair salons and some 44 models.

Accessible style for all women

Styling is a passion of mine and this enthusiasm overflows into every aspect of my work. It is my goal to make trendy clothing styles accessible to all women regardless of age, body shape or budget. Whether a few small style adjustments or a complete wardrobe re-vamp I’ll work closely with you every step of the way.

It’s time to ditch your clothing frustrations and burst out of your conventional dressing habits. Let’s get you feeling empowered whenever you look in the mirror.

Send me a message or give me a call to arrange a free no-obligation chat about your styling requirements.